What Is Custom Crystal?

Custom crystal makes a meaningful gift, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or other life milestone. What better way to say “thank-you for your hard work” or “congratulations on your achievements” than with an enduring substance from the Earth itself? Most custom crystal artists use high-tech lasers to engrave or shape the crystal, but JL Crystal Artistry uses time-honored traditions to create his masterpieces.

custom crystalWhat Is Crystal?

Crystal has been produced as an art form since the 16th century, when Venetian glass blowers made their work known to the world. Full lead crystal is made of a blend of silica / sand, potash, and at least 24 percent lead oxide. These constituents are melted in clay pots within large furnaces that burn at 4,352 degrees Fahrenheit! Eventually, the temperature is slowly reduced to a working temperature. The colors you see in some customized crystal are produced by the presence of metallic oxides. It takes extraordinary precautions and purity levels to obtain a perfectly clear, colorless crystal. Once all the basic crystal has been created, the crystal is then cut, polished and arranged to make beautiful artwork to be admired for countless generations.

Why Choose Custom Crystal Gifts?

Custom crystal is beloved by everyone from professional athletes, U.S. Presidents and foreign dignitaries to corporate CEOs, Academy Award winners, and art collectors. You needn’t be rich or famous to buy this type of crystal, but these gifts are fit for even the most discerning clients. There is much consideration given when buying for the sort of person who “has it all,” but custom crystal makes an obvious choice due to the infinite ways it can be customized to suit the recipient’s tastes, hobbies and preferences.

How Is Customized Crystal Designed?

The process of designing custom crystal involves looking at photographs, sketches, stained glass windows, sculptures, or paintings for inspiration, and then hand-crafting the design using diamond-tipped tools. Techniques like deep etching, hand-engraving, colored lamination, and UV fusing are employed to make a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

custom crystal

J.L. Crystal Artistry has been creating unique custom crystal art pieces for over 40 years.

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