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crystal award

Give The Gift Of Crystal Recognition To Your Employees

There are countless ways to say “Thank You” or recognize others for their significant contributions or achievements. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say words or offer cash incentives. Businesses that want to give their most valued clients, employees or partners an impressive and ever-lasting symbol of their gratitude can best do so with a [...]

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custom crystal

What Is Custom Crystal?

Custom crystal makes a meaningful gift, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or other life milestone. What better way to say “thank-you for your hard work” or “congratulations on your achievements” than with an enduring substance from the Earth itself? Most custom crystal artists use high-tech lasers to engrave or shape the crystal, but JL Crystal [...]

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crystal executive gifts

Reasons To Invest In Crystal Executive Gifts

Crystal executive gifts for your clients will strengthen your promotional efforts and solidify developing relationships. Unlike ordinary promotional items that are given at random, a corporate crystal gift is personalized, more thoughtful and much deeper in meaning. Your clients will be struck by your generosity and impressed by your taste in gifts when you present [...]

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personalized crystal gifts

Crystal Personalized Gifts

Crystal personalized gifts are some of the most thoughtful gestures you can give. It’s not like you just picked some mass-produced item off a shelf or an impersonal gift card on your way to the party. Crystal personalized gifts evoke a sense of wonderment and awe, while showing that  you’re the type of person who [...]

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Where The Magic Happens

The steady hum of an electric motor, the constant “drip…drip…drip” of water and the subdued sounds of Jazz emanate from a source unseen, blending together to create the harmonic backdrop to the transformations that are about to take place in this studio. Stone wheels of various shapes, colors and sizes line up like soldiers on [...]

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