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A Crystal Recognition Award Story

We always love to hear stories from our clients about how our custom crystal gifts were received. When we see the smiles on people’s faces, we know that all the time and skill put into each piece of custom crystal art was well worth it! A crystal recognition award made by JL Crystal Artistry did [...]

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Give The Gift Of Crystal Recognition To Your Employees

There are countless ways to say “Thank You” or recognize others for their significant contributions or achievements. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say words or offer cash incentives. Businesses that want to give their most valued clients, employees or partners an impressive and ever-lasting symbol of their gratitude can best do so with a [...]

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Crystal Awards For Employees

Crystal awards are a great way to commemorate top sales reps or retiring employees who have been extremely valuable assets to the team. Crystal is a durable, lasting way to say “Thank You” to the people who matter most to your corporation. When you’re choosing a maker of crystal awards, keep in mind there is [...]

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An Inside Peek At How Crystal Engraved Awards Are Made

Sometimes it’s hard to truly understand how much time, effort and expertise goes into making crystal engraved awards. Perhaps you imagine glass just gets sent down an assembly line or popped into generic molds. That couldn’t be further from the truth for Jan Lewczenko at JL Crystal Artistry! You will be utterly amazed when you [...]

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