Give The Gift Of Crystal Recognition To Your Employees

There are countless ways to say “Thank You” or recognize others for their significant contributions or achievements. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say words or offer cash incentives. Businesses that want to give their most valued clients, employees or partners an impressive and ever-lasting symbol of their gratitude can best do so with a crystal recognition award. ”Cargo Ship” is the latest and greatest creation in our custom corporate gifts line.

crystal recognition

A Crystal Recognition Gift Starts With A Concept…

Jan created this custom recognition gift for a large metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. After looking at the website for J.L. Crystal Artistry, the client knew that we were the only outfit for a job of this magnitude. What the client envisioned was a piece that would highlight the company’s economic stability. What better to symbolize this concept, than a magnificent ship fully loaded with precious containers,  amid turbulent seas?

The Beauty Of A Crystal Award Is In The Details…

The base is laminated with a cool blue crystal to simulate the ship at sea. The sides of the ship and the base were blank at first, awaiting details on the custom engraving — a logo, a name or whatever the client wants. This stunning crystal recognition piece ended up being 10 inches long, 3.5 inches deep and approximately 5 inches tall when all was said and done. What a substantial award, worthy of the most demanding recipient! We are sure whoever receives this “Cargo Ship” gift will feel greatly appreciated and proud of their accomplishments.

crystal award

The “Cargo Ship” crystal recognition award is yet another example of how J.L. Crystal Artistry can create the perfect custom piece for you. Please contact J.L. Crystal Artistry if you have a person or idea in mind and we’d love to put our time, passion and care into that special gift for you.

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