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Here at JL Crystal Artistry, we specialize in crystal trophies and awards that carry great significance for both givers and recipients. Jan works directly with you to come up with a concept that is bound to impress, and then sets to work on all the little details that make crystal awards so breathtaking to behold. While they are certainly not “cheap” gifts, they are the best way to commemorate crowning achievements, special landmarks, and those people we admire and respect a great deal.

What Makes Crystal Trophies and Awards Special?

  1. Crystal-made trophies and awards are opulent-looking, unlike cheap plastic trophies or metal awards.
  2. Crystal awards are thoughtfully handcrafted using flawless techniques perfected by years of practice.
  3. Custom glass awards are versatile, able to be colored, shaped, sculpted and customized.
  4. Artistically designed corporate crystal awards are durable and treasured for years to come.
  5. Crystal is known for its hardness, clarity and natural beauty.

crystal awards and trophies

Top Reasons To Give Trophies and Awards Made From Crystals:

  • Retirement – Consider a crystal clock to represent all the time and energy put into the business.
  • Achievement – Consider a motivational shape like a pyramid, star or mountain to recognize a productive employee’s success.
  • Thank You – Thank a big ticket client with a practical crystal gift like a vase, candy dish, or plate.
  • Appreciation – You may customize crystal trophies and awards based on your business too. For instance, a book store might sculpt a crystal book, while an architect firm might sculpt a building, and an ice cream parlor might opt for an ice cream cone.

crystal trophies and awards

Why Show Appreciation?

Author Dale Carnegie says that one of the most important factors in “winning friends and influencing people” is “honest and sincere appreciation.” People who give find that others are more willing to help them when the occasion arises and more motivated in their everyday lives (knowing that someone took the care and time to notice their efforts). When you show gratitude and appreciation, you give a symbol that you’ve noticed what others have done. You show them that you want them to remember and feel proud of this moment in their lives. In the overall scheme of things, the cost is very little for an impact so great.

Would you like more information on crystal art and crystal engraved awards? Contact Jan’s Crystal Artistry today!

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