Crystal Plaque Gift Ideas

J.L. Crystal Artistry has been handcrafting crystal plaque designs for decades now, including some truly breathtaking works for the White House and Fortune 500 CEOs. We think what makes crystal corporate awards so special is the quality and enduring nature of the pieces.

What Makes A Crystal Plaque Better Than Glass?

While glass is less expensive, you can spot a crystal-made plaque from a glass or synthetic award a mile away.  Crystal contains dense metals, which makes it heavier than other types of crystal art. Also, crystal emits a pleasing high-pitched resonance when tapped. The edges are smoother and more well-rounded with a plaque that is made of crystal. Best of all, crystal refracts a rainbow prism of light that people find really beautiful. If you want to go with something that is top-of-the-line, just like the recipient, then there is no choice but crystal.

How To Make This Plaque Even More Special…

Personalization options make a plaque  even more special and spectacular. We can add names, logos, dates, colors, or whatever you’d like. We even create customized conceptual pieces based on your ideas, descriptions, sketches, photos, or dreams. All the thoughtfulness that goes into these gifts are what really impresses people the most. You want the recipient to have a warm feeling when he or she gazes upon the crystal award for years to come.

Here Are A Few Lovely Plaque Ideas:

crystal plaque


crystal plaque

"Cargo Ship"

crystal plaque


crystal plaque

"Forever Cherry"

crystal plaque


Please, do not hesitate to contact J.L. Crystal Artistry for more information on how you can order your own special crystal plaque.


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