Where The Magic Happens

The steady hum of an electric motor, the constant “drip…drip…drip” of water and the subdued sounds of Jazz emanate from a source unseen, blending together to create the harmonic backdrop to the transformations that are about to take place in this studio. Stone wheels of various shapes, colors and sizes line up like soldiers on [...]

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custom crystal art

Custom Crystal Art

Creating custom crystal art is challenging, yet rewarding for the artist. Modern technology allows craftsmen the opportunity to churn out artwork faster than ever on large-scale production machines. However, there is at least one artist in the world who feels the old techniques are better. You can really lose yourself in a piece of smooth, [...]

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custom crystal awards

Custom Crystal Awards

Custom crystal awards by J.L. Crystal Artistry aren’t just plaques commemorating someone’s life achievements: they’re beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art that will captivate for years to come. Crystal is extremely hard, which allows for its brilliance and bevels, not to mention extremely polished surfaces. It is smooth and free from all flow lines, bubbles and [...]

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crystal recognition award

A Crystal Recognition Award Story

We always love to hear stories from our clients about how our custom crystal gifts were received. When we see the smiles on people’s faces, we know that all the time and skill put into each piece of custom crystal art was well worth it! A crystal recognition award made by JL Crystal Artistry did not come off an assembly line or get shipped in from a factory in Mexico. All our pieces have been hand-crafted in a one-of-a-kind manner by skilled craftsman Jan Lewczenko, right here in the USA.
crystal recognition award
In this picture, Dr. Sullivan of the Duke Adult Marrow Transplant Center in Durham, North Carolina is presenting CJ Paarz-Largay with a crystal award in appreciation for her 7 years of service helping Scleroderma patients on the SCOT Study.
Here is a closer look at this crystal award created for CJ…
crystal recognition award
It wasn’t easy thinking of a design to commemorate someone with such a generous, giving heart, but we thought the helping hands would be a nice touch. We also wanted to use red, the color of life-giving blood and organs, and opaque crystal pieces that can look like cells or bones, depending on your point of view. JL Crystal Artistry believes that the best crystal recognition awards are open to individual interpretation and utterly dazzling when you gaze upon them. In fact, if you look very closely, you may even think this crystal award looks a little like a blooming flower…
  recognition award
LeRoy S. Moriuchi, a Clinical Trials Specialist at the Duke Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Center, wrote J.L. Crystal Artistry recently to thank us for the work we did on this crystal recognition award.
“I created a brochure in Microsoft Word to put with the award and for us to hand-out to others to let them know of your work,” he told us, adding:
“Thank you so very, very much for making this beautiful award for us!  Also thanks for letting my family and I see all your works of art and your studio!” 

This is yet another way that J.L. Crystal Artistry can create the custom crystal recognition award for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at 484-358-7556 or JLArt@zoominternet.net.

crystal plaque

Crystal Plaque Gift Ideas

J.L. Crystal Artistry has been handcrafting crystal plaque designs for decades now, including some truly breathtaking works for the White House and Fortune 500 CEOs. We think what makes crystal corporate awards so special is the quality and enduring nature of the pieces.

What Makes A Crystal Plaque Better Than Glass?

While glass is less expensive, you can spot a crystal-made plaque from a glass or synthetic award a mile away.  Crystal contains dense metals, which makes it heavier than other types of crystal art. Also, crystal emits a pleasing high-pitched resonance when tapped. The edges are smoother and more well-rounded with a plaque that is made of crystal. Best of all, crystal refracts a rainbow prism of light that people find really beautiful. If you want to go with something that is top-of-the-line, just like the recipient, then there is no choice but crystal.

How To Make This Plaque Even More Special…

Personalization options make a plaque  even more special and spectacular. We can add names, logos, dates, colors, or whatever you’d like. We even create customized conceptual pieces based on your ideas, descriptions, sketches, photos, or dreams. All the thoughtfulness that goes into these gifts are what really impresses people the most. You want the recipient to have a warm feeling when he or she gazes upon the crystal award for years to come.

Here Are A Few Lovely Plaque Ideas:

crystal plaque


crystal plaque

"Cargo Ship"

crystal plaque


crystal plaque

"Forever Cherry"

crystal plaque


Please, do not hesitate to contact J.L. Crystal Artistry for more information on how you can order your own special crystal plaque.


crystal award

Give The Gift Of Crystal Recognition To Your Employees

There are countless ways to say “Thank You” or recognize others for their significant contributions or achievements. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say words or offer cash incentives. Businesses that want to give their most valued clients, employees or partners an impressive and ever-lasting symbol of their gratitude can best do so with a crystal recognition award. ”Cargo Ship” is the latest and greatest creation in our custom corporate gifts line.

crystal recognition

A Crystal Recognition Gift Starts With A Concept…

Jan created this custom recognition gift for a large metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. After looking at the website for J.L. Crystal Artistry, the client knew that we were the only outfit for a job of this magnitude. What the client envisioned was a piece that would highlight the company’s economic stability. What better to symbolize this concept, than a magnificent ship fully loaded with precious containers,  amid turbulent seas?

The Beauty Of A Crystal Award Is In The Details…

The base is laminated with a cool blue crystal to simulate the ship at sea. The sides of the ship and the base were blank at first, awaiting details on the custom engraving — a logo, a name or whatever the client wants. This stunning crystal recognition piece ended up being 10 inches long, 3.5 inches deep and approximately 5 inches tall when all was said and done. What a substantial award, worthy of the most demanding recipient! We are sure whoever receives this “Cargo Ship” gift will feel greatly appreciated and proud of their accomplishments.

crystal award

The “Cargo Ship” crystal recognition award is yet another example of how J.L. Crystal Artistry can create the perfect custom piece for you. Please contact J.L. Crystal Artistry if you have a person or idea in mind and we’d love to put our time, passion and care into that special gift for you.

engraved crystal gifts

Engraved Crystal Gifts: It’s Not Too Late To Order!

Now is the perfect time to order engraved crystal gifts for the most important people on your Christmas list! Perhaps you have someone special on your list who never drops any hints, who always smiles and says, “I just want your company for Christmas. I don’t need anything.” Yet, you still want to show your appreciation, honor, respect and love for this person! These gifts are classy, thoughtful, tasteful and truly breathtaking to behold. They will endure forever, just as your love for the people you hold most dear.

Ideas For Engraved Crystal Gifts

1. Does your loved one have a favorite animal, pastime or collector’s theme?

engraved crystal gifts

2. Is there a favorite photo you’d like to immortalize in crystal for the ages?

engraved crystal gifts

3. Does your recipient love flowers? These crystal gifts never wilt!

engraved crystal gifts


4. Choose crystal-made engraved gifts that are beautiful, but also functional — like a bowl or a vase.

engraved crystal gifts

5. Is there a particular place or scene that is particularly special to the both of you? Recreate it!

engraved crystal gifts

Why Choose These Crystal Gifts?

Whether you have a sketch, a photograph or just a description of the type of crystal art you’d like, JL Crystal Artistry can make it happen. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by a master artisan who came to this country all the way from Poland to share his unique craft. Today, so many crystal gifts are churned off assembly lines. But when you choose JL Crystal Artistry for your gifts, you are choosing traditional tools, hand-carving and one-of-a-kind practices that are not used anywhere else in the world. That is what makes these engraved crystal gifts so special. They are truly a labor of love!

Engraved Crystal-made Gifts Ordering Instructions:

Please allow at least one week for the creation of your custom crystal art and plan for rush delivery if you wait until mid-December to order. Send your design ideas to Jan Lewczenko by contacting JL Crystal Artistry.


crystal awards

Crystal Awards For Employees

Crystal awards are a great way to commemorate top sales reps or retiring employees who have been extremely valuable assets to the team. Crystal is a durable, lasting way to say “Thank You” to the people who matter most to your corporation. When you’re choosing a maker of crystal awards, keep in mind there is a big discrepancy between people who just laser an inscription on a machine and craftsmen who uses diamond-tip tools and hand carved pieces. Jan Lewczenko at JL Crystal Artistry uses a one-of-a-kind method to bring you the best in crystal carving.

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